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America's Biggest Halo Fans

Or: "When Halo Fans Attack"

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GameSpot is reporting that Microsoft has started its search for "America's Biggest Halo Fan". We had to restrain ourselves from replacing "Halo Fan" with something completely different, but we won't get into that for fear of repercussions. Anyway, we digress.

In order to prove that they are the biggest Halo fan in the US - and hopefully they don't mean big as in size - entrants must submit a video which clearly proves that they are the biggest mofo fan of Halo in the goddamn US of A, y'all, and probably at the expense of much personal dignity.

The three finalists of the competition will win an all-expenses-paid trip to Los Angeles and a VIP pass for the Bungie Fan Fest. At the event, the winners will be among the first people to get hands-on time with the PC version of Halo, and they'll also be afforded a glimpse of Halo 2 for the Xbox in action.

The overall winner, decided by a panel of judges at the Bungie Fan Fest, will receive a poster signed by members of Bungie Studios, a mention in the credits of Halo for the PC, a free copy of the game, and an enormous sense that their lives once again have meaning.

Source: GameSpot

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