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Cold War on the horizon

Bop some commies

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Mindware Studios has announced its development of a promising-looking stealth-based action title named Cold War, and furnished us with some shots of the game in action. The main protagonist is an independent journalist and former-CIA agent called, ahem, Razor Kane. Seriously. "Razor Kane is a journalist with an edge, or three," says the press release. Ahaha! Kane is apparently a kind of journalistic version of Indiana Jones, who was disowned by the CIA and now writes articles about his exploits as a sideline to being a thrill-seeking adrenaline junky.

The game starts with Kane deep inside the Former USSR hunting down a group of communist hardliners who are plotting to threaten world peace. Players are said to be transported inside a realistic depiction of some of the most well known places of the Former USSR.

There will be a reliance on stealth and outfoxing the enemy, in particular utilising the environment and light and shadow to aid your progress, in what appears to be a fairly promising Splinter Cell-type affair. Perhaps more interestingly, Kane has the ability to mix and match everyday objects to create lethal gadgets; you can make a bomb by fusing an alarm block and some paint thinner, apparently, though we're not quite sure how that works.

A publisher and release date are yet to be confirmed, but the game is intended for release on Windows-based PCs, with additional conversion to Xbox and PS2 in consideration.

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