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Blizzard cracks down on cheaters

143,000 accounts 0wned

Blizzard has kicked off its War on Cheating by blanket bombing more than 12,000 WarCraft III accounts and 131,000 Diablo II accounts because their owners are accused of using cheats and hacks, GameSpot are reporting. Furthermore, over 7,000 CD keys have been banned from ladder play for one month, and about 1,000 CD keys have been banned from play for good. The company is warning that repeat offenders are likely to have their accounts blacklisted on in its entirety, which will completely cripple their ability to play the games online.

Blizzard is keen to point out that none of the players falsely accused by other players of cheating had action taken against them. We must say it's refreshing to see a company taking such a tough stance on cheating in online gaming for once, and hopefully this will set a precedent.

Source: GameSpot