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SpyHunter gets a sequel

More exciting transforming car jiggery-pokery this Autumn

GameSpot are reporting that Midway currently has SpyHunter 2 in development. Due for release this Autumn, the game is said to improve on its predecessor in a number of ways, one of those being the inclusion of a "mysterious new female agent character," and another being the addition of not being mediocre. Maybe.

The player takes the role of Alec (hrng) Sects driving his G-8155 interceptor vehicle across 16 levels in an attempt to quash the nefarious global terrorist organisation, Nostra. In addition to the array of Bond-like weaponry stashed away in the car - which includes land mines, smokescreens, oil slicks, an auto-tracking turret, and an indestructible armoured shield - your car also has the ability to transform into an off-road four-wheel-drive vehicle, an off-road motorcycle, and a snow ski.

This is all said to be bolstered by a "strong storyline," presumably ripe with wobbling breasts, cackling maniacs (who will either be Russian or German), and lots of cut-scenes of a car going "vroom" and "neeeeowww" and things.

No platform details yet have been announced, but we'll hazard a guess at PlayStation 2, GameCube and Xbox because we're crazy like that.

Source: GameSpot