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Tecmo gets all hot and bothered

Whinges about DOAX nude hack

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C&VG reports that Tecmo is very upset about the DOAX "nude hacks" which have appeared recently. The hacks are distributed as modified disk images, as far as we can make out, and substitute swimsuits for pubic hair and nipples in the frame buffer grabs we've seen.

However, as we say, Tecmo is very upset. An administrator on the game's official user forums has been clearing out all mention of the hacks, claiming that anybody posting pics, links or even information about the hacks will be "punished to the fullest extent of the law". Or zoomed in on repeatedly to the sound of "phwoar!"

We're not quite sure of the legal standing for anybody concerned here, but it does seem rather silly for Tecmo to complain so bitterly about this. After all, their so-called game is a flesh parade aimed at enticing cock-choking adolescents to part with £40, and any dignity their characters may have possessed is quickly forgotten when you see them feeding one another strawberries in G-strings and bunny-tailed swimsuits.

Anybody with a firm grasp of the legal issues at work here is welcome to contact us or poke their nose into the comments thread below.

Source: C&VG

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