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Xbox, PS2 MORPH into karaoke machines

Tom sings in the bathroom, I heard him

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It's a bit of a slow day for gaming news really, so we thought we'd take the opportunity to point out something that could prove really quite enticing to the rhythm-music-action-arm-flinging-voice-wailing gamer in you, and we know there must be one in there somewhere. Anyway, that something is the arrival of MORPH-1, a device that can apparently turn any DVD player into a karaoke machine.

The MORPH-1 is a simple little device equipped with a microphone that attaches to a DVD playback device and television, and will apparently work fine with your PlayStation 2 or Xbox. You can then buy backing track DVDs for yodelling over from Silver Sounds' back catalogue, hopefully giving you the opportunity to wail your mum's favourite Boyzone track back at her for mother's day or something.

"The MORPH-1 will enable DVD Karaoke to fill the gap between playing video games and watching feature film DVDs and listening to CDs," says Silver Sounds MD, Murray Allan. "This is the future of Karaoke." And who are we to argue? Just don't try and take it into the shower with you.

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