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More cheese Gromit?

It's got monkeys in it

Wallace and Gromit are about to land on Xbox courtesy of BAM! Entertainment, who have furnished us with a batch of screenshots for Wallace and Gromit in Project Zoo.

Taking the form of an action adventure across six levels, Wallace and his canine companion are faced with the task of liberating all the baby animals imprisoned by Feathers the maniacal penguin, who is holding them at ransom in order to get their parents to mine diamonds.

You will, of course, be able to make use of a myriad of gadgets crafted by Wallace's own fair hand, including a porridge flinger, a banana gun, springy boots, a gyrocopter and a turnip launcher. Fantastic. (I swear I'm not quoting directly from the press release, this is all sophisticated journalistic integrity on show).

While clearly aimed at slightly younger players than most of the games we feature, we'd like to point out that the game features both monkeys and mechanical penguins, and we're sure you'd agree this is as good a reason as any to at least glance in its general direction. Remember, that's monkeys and mechanical penguins.