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Steel Monkeys working on Corvette racer

Correction: TDK publishing

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Glasgow-based developer Steel Monkeys has started work on a new racing game for publisher TDK Mediactive (not THQ as reported earlier), celebrating the 50th anniversary this year of the Chevrolet Corvette.

The developer is now well on the road to recovery, having staved off a number of problems in light of former publishing partner Rage's sudden bankruptcy late last year.

Despite the turmoil surrounding the former Rage empire, Steel Monkeys has steadied itself and now looks set to increase turnover by £2m this year thanks to the new development deal with TDK. The deal is worth several million dollars and includes sequel rights.

"This is the first game that Corvette has given a complete license for, so we are delighted to be involved," said Steel Monkeys founder Derek McLennan. "We were running in profit until Rage went under and despite the way the industry is going, we have a very promising outlook."

The Corvette-based title sounds similar to TDK's recently released WorldRacing (developed in Germany by Synetic), which focused on the Mercedes-Benz range. Steel Monkeys will be integrating every version of the iconic Corvette into their game, which is due out on PC, PS2 and Xbox.

Source: Sunday Herald

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