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PlanetSide trailer set to tease fans


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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony Online Entertainment has today released a short trailer for their eagerly anticipated massively-multiplayer first-person sci-fi shooter, PlanetSide.

Briefly detailing many aspects of gameplay, including vehicles, weaponry and impressively vast landscapes, and showing off the strong engine behind it with some beautiful weapon and particle effects, explosions and some exquisitely detailed animation, the Tribes-esque shooter is set to be a massive hit when it's released some time this century. Apparently.

There's still no indication of an official release date at this time, but this short snippet - akin to dangling a carrot in front of the nose of some kind of huge, slobbering gaming donkey (sorry) - is bound to send the game's already substantial online following into a frenzy.

You can download the trailer directly from the official PlanetSide website right here.

Source: IGN

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