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Amateur BF1942 mod to hit retail?

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Popular Battlefield 1942 modification Desert Combat could become a retail expansion, although not necessarily through official EA channels, GameSpot reports by way of CNN/Money (of all places). Apparently the US news conglomerate ran a piece on war-themed games and the recent surge in sales they have enjoyed (ulp), and quoted Desert Combat project lead Frank DeLise as saying that several publishers have expressed an interest in his mod.

Desert Combat is described on the mod's website as a modern day military modification for BF1942, "focused on conflicts in the middle-east within the last decade between the various nations, from Desert Storm to Somalia". The site still says it is "expected to be free to the public".

EA fully supports the BF1942 community, a spokesman told GameSpot, but Desert Combat is not currently in their sights. In the absence of any independent verification of publisher interest, we'll have to trust Frank's word on the subject, but it's worth noting that Desert Combat does look very good.

Source: GameSpot

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