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Xbox Action Replay due this Friday

Powersaves included

Datel has announced Action Replay for Xbox, the latest in a long line of cheat devices which represents the third and final prong in Datel's next-generation thrust. However, anybody hoping for a FreeLoader-style import-friendly device had better think again, because AR for Xbox is a cheat device - useful if you want to unlock all the bikinis in DOAX, presumably, but not so much if you just want to run Bistro Cupid.

The Xbox AR will work slightly differently to the ARs of old, with a PC docking station suitable for Windows 98 and beyond, which enables you to upload "Powersaves" to the custom Datel Xbox memory card. The PC software boasts the usual drag and drop functionality and a friendly GUI, apparently, and thanks to the way the USB docking station works you needn't even have the PC and Xbox in the same room - although if you're lazy enough to cheat at all your games then it seems unlikely that you'd be prepared to move from your chair that often.

Still, the Powersaves do sound quite inviting. These unofficial save games built up by Datel's programmers scour the nooks and crannies of every game for the best and most elusive bits and pieces, and new Powersaves will of course be researched and distributed for free on

Action Replay for Xbox will cost £29.99 when it launches this Friday, March 28th.

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