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XIII ways to kill a man

Ubi shows off glass stabbing and brick throwing

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Ubi Soft has been showing off its cel-shaded FPS XIII recently, and one of the things we're quite interested in is the player's ability to smack enemies around the head with chairs, ashtrays, bottles, shovels, broken glass, bricks and other assorted objects in the game world. This is something we've wanted ever since Quake - although really we just wanted to throw giblets at one another.

In XIII terms, objects have plenty of applications. For example, as you escape a prison section early in the game, you're forced to use any means at your disposal to crack bones and break away, and later on, glass shards prove infinitely more stealthy than heavy objects and projectile weapons - however well silenced they may be.

To illustrate this fact, Ubi has released a 20MB movie of XIII's object-clouting functions. Check it out here.

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