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Sega to publish Otogi in US

Next stop Europe?

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Sega will publish the US version of From Software's Xbox title Otogi - Myth of Demons, the publisher's American arm announced while we slept. As you may recall, excited by From's Xbox debut Murakumo last August, we found some details and unearthed some screenshots of the game - a 3D action title with magical combat set in a fairytale world. The US version of the game is now due out in September from Sega, who may well pick up the publishing rights to any PAL port.

Otogi is steeped in "folklore and mysticism", it says 'ere, with players handling undead warrior Raiko, dragged out of eternal retirement to face a demonic army threatening Earth. Raiko will have to master more than 30 weapons and 12 varieties of magic to dispatch all the demons, including some massive bosses, across more than 25 "highly destructible" levels.

Although the game fits more into the "3D action" genre than anything else, From promises "deep RPG elements," with upgrades for weapons, magic and character attributes, along with a traditional inventory of the ubiquitous "special items".

You can view a couple of recent screenshots of the game here, with more shots from the Japanese version on the following page.

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