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Europe gets enhanced ZOE2

September release

Hideo Kojima's "other game", the twirly aerial mech-combat title ZOE, is to receive a lick of paint for it European release this September. The PAL version of the game, subtitled The 2nd Runner, will benefit from exclusive stages, added battle sequences, several new game modes, two new difficulty levels (European Hard and European Extreme) and a brand new opening sequence with a remix of the main theme tune.

There are two "significantly redone" levels, and seven "graphical demos". What's more, an Extra Mission mode will allow players to have a bash at "the train destruction event", "the Mars melee event", and "the carrying up Ardjent event", and there are even a few new models to deck the Jehuty mech unit out in. Spangly.

Konami of Europe says we can expect to play the PS2-exclusive blaster in September, although exactly when remains a mystery. However, with the game picking up favourable reviews in the US, we're eager to get our hands on it.