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Get on TV with Game Stars!

Next up: Game Stars - The Rivals

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ITV's gaming star search kicks off tomorrow in The Tram Studios, Camden, between 10am and 6pm, as gamers from all over the region flock to the recording of Game Stars.

Game Stars is a multi-format, one-off ITV1 special, which aims to name the best games, the best game characters and the best games players. Various qualifiers will be taking place up and down the land over the next few weeks, as detailed on competition website, and the final showdown will be broadcast on ITV1 over the Easter Weekend.

The Camden qualifier is the first of its kind, as players will be randomly allocated three challenges from a possible 12 games, with the best players going forward to the national final. Everybody who turns up can compete, and walks away with a goodie bag containing all sorts of gaming merch.

Those of you who fancy turning up can sign up on the door, as pre-registration has closed according to the website, or register for one of the upcoming events, and of course the website also lets you vote for the best games - a televised awards ceremony will name the best ones.

In addition to the Camden leg, the nationwide tour will be appearing in Bristol (The Passenger Shed, 27th March), Birmingham (Thinktank, 29th March), Cardiff (City Hall, 31st March), Manchester (The Armitage Centre, 2nd April), Leeds (The Sports Hall, 4th and 5th April), Newcastle (Eldon Leisure, 8th April) and Glasgow (12th April).

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