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Activision unveils Disney Pro Skater

With Tony Hawk's tech at its heart

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Activision and Disney have joined forces to try and woo 6-14 year olds with Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure for PS2 and GameCube. Based on Tony Hawk's fourth Pro Skater engine, the game will feature characters from three animated films; Toy Story 2, Tarzan, and The Lion King - 12 in total - with the usual Create-A-Skater option customised to help build youthful skating representatives. Furthermore, Activision is to hold a nationwide casting call for 10 real kids to become digital skaters in the final game.

Characters from each film can skate through their films' environments, with special courses set around Pride Rock (The Lion King), Tarzan's Treehouse and even Pizza Planet for Buzz and Woody. Activision hopes to inject as much fun into the game as possible without forcing it. They're looking for THPS rather than Simpsons Skateboarding, with an 'Adventure Mode' similar to Tony's 'Career', and split-screen multiplayer. A cut-down Game Boy Advance version, with six characters and three gameplay modes, is also underway.

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