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NDCUBE's Tube Slider unveiled

Details and shots from this would-be F-Zero

According to some sources, NDCUBE's next futuristic racing game may well have been F-Zero GC if Nintendo hadn't farmed the work out to Sega/Amusement Vision, but this week sees NEC Interchannel announce plans to publish the game exclusively on GameCube anyway, under the name of Tube Slider.

Tube Slider (screenshots here) is a futuristic racing game in which players pilot hovercraft around tubular tracks loosely based on Mike Oldfield's album covers. There are Grand Prix and Free Run modes, 15 vehicles and ten courses in total, as well as your obvious Tutorial and multiplayer options (for up to four players split-screen).

As anybody who played the GBA's F-Zero: Maximum Overdrive will surely know, NDCUBE can do futuristic racers. The real question at this point is whether they or Sega will ultimately produce the best one.