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Jaleco to launch Goblin RTS

Just not on the PC

Jaleco Entertainment is to develop and publish a new Real-Time Strategy title, with the aim of turning it into a successful IP over the next few years. Goblin Commander: Unleash The Horde is set in the war-torn world of Ogriss, where goblins spawned by the hand of the mighty wizard Fraziel have fallen under a corrupt influence and must be put down before they tear the world apart. The player will control armies of specialised goblin warriors and fearsome beasts as they fight the evil goblin surge. Perhaps surprisingly though, the game is due out on all next generation console platforms, with no PC release in sight.

"Before each mission, players are able to choose a unique clan type, each with their own combat specialties. This adds a whole new dimension to the strategy gameplay experience, providing a compelling new challenge to each mission - all with excellent replayability," according to company president Richard Wnuk. "We are confident that fans will find Goblin Commander to be the best action-strategy game on consoles to date."

Goblin Commander aims to set itself apart from less energetic RTS titles with "fast arcade-style action, richly detailed and destructible environments, and an easy-to-master control scheme designed specifically for console game pads." Jaleco has enslaved Ron and Chris Millar, best known for their work on Blizzard's StarCraft, WarCraft and Diablo titles, to produce the game, and, er, we hope to be goblin it up in Q4 2003.