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Vietcong goes gold

Ah good, another pointless war

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Image credit: Eurogamer

GOD Games has announced that Illusion Softworks/Pterodon's jungle FPS Vietcong has gone gold, and should hit store shelves in March.

Vietcong has been the subject of much debate, with a mixed reaction to the recent multiplayer demo apparently amplified by a few puzzled print journalists, whose sparring with so-called review code earlier this year led to some rather ugly editorials.

At the time, they all hoped out loud that the game would be spruced up a bit before it was shoved into a DVD case and peppering retailers' displays, but Take-Two's rather brief press release doesn't go into any detail about any last-minute adjustments.

We should all get our hands on Vietcong in the near future.

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