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Chariots of War announced

Europa Universalis II developer teams up with Strategy First

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Chariots of War sounds a bit like those lamentable roman-era chariot-racing games we've been subjected to lately, but according to joint developers Paradox (Europa Universalis II) and Slitherine Strategies, it's actually a strategy game due out in North America in Q2 2003 under Strategy First's banner.

The game gives players control of the Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Nubians or the Assyrians in an empirical fight for water, resources and arable land in the cradle of civilisation. There are up to 58 nations to play, on a huge map covering the entire Middle East - with 164 cities and 80 minor settlements.

Players will be able to build up cities and stocks of resources like Myrrh, Gems and Horses. It will also be possible to assign Generals to command your force in the real-time battles, but you'll need to mind things at home too - the happiness and welfare of your citizens is at risk if you concentrate too much on the war effort. The state of overpopulation, recruitment levels, garrisons and food supplies will be important, and maintaining equilibrium should keep any uprising at bay.

It's difficult to say when Chariots of War will be released in the UK and Europe, as Strategy First doesn't publish in our neck of the woods. As soon as we hear anything, we'll let you know.

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