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MS to launch coloured controllers

Find the colour

This week, Microsoft is "recognising that colour allows people to express their individuality," announcing a range of coloured Xbox controllers - and asking that gamers pick the shades for themselves. Until March 31st, you'll be able to vote at on which colours you want to appear in the MS range, with "a vivid palette of choices, including red, green, orange, green, blue, clear and green". Or thereabouts. Microsoft will then unveil the new range of controllers at E3 on May 14th. They will go on to appear on US store shelves by October, priced $29.99, and in Europe soon after.

"Gamers told us they love the Controller S, but thought it would be fun to have it in different colours," says Xbox brand marketing director Bill Nielsen. We'll ignore Microsoft's past history of "listening to gamers" here. "We're taking their advice," he says, "and are going on step further by asking them to help us make the decision about what colours to offer. Black and green will continue to be the primary colours of Xbox, but we're looking to have a little fun by adding a few bold new shades into the mix."