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IGI2 MP mission released

Quite a day for it

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Those of you who are 'going in', or doing whatever IGI stands for these days, may be pleased to learn that IGI2: Covert Strike publishers Codemasters has released a free, downloadable multiplayer mission via their website. The map is part of a larger update, which "enhances the game's online and LAN multiplayer functionality".

The mission itself is set in the jungle and sees the IGI team turning on the base generator, hacking the system to steal the Conspiracy base's plans, then destroying some temple ruins (um), which have been used as cover for the jungle hideout. Conspirators must defend the base from the unprovoked allied onslaught. Tact. We've heard of it.

IGI2 was released to critical acclaim recently, and you can take a look at our review of the game here.

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