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Sorry about that, folks!

Have some Jak & Daxter 2 screenshots to make up for it

Well, gosh, we're very sorry about that folks. Those of you who summer here regularly will remember that the site fell off the Internet a little while ago much to our mutual disgust, and came back up after a few hours of downtime. Well, sadly, the same thing happened for most of today, and Eurogamer would like to wholeheartedly apologise to those of you who had to do some work this beautiful Monday. We gave up and had a beer in the park - sorry!

Anyway, to go some way to making up for it, we've just got hold of some Jak & Daxter 2 screenshots, and we thought you might like them. So, enjoy the sun, the shots and the working website, and if it breaks again after I've written this then blood will be spilled. Oh yes. Claret everywhere.

A la prochaine, fellow surrender monkeys.