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Kore and The Gang

CDV renames Xbox adventure

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Image credit: Eurogamer

CDV has rechristened its Xbox action adventure game Core, announcing The Kore Gang early this morning. The game is an Xbox exclusive set in a world basking in an "explosion of colours, bizarre characters and scenarios that resemble a trip to a crackpot planet in some far away cosmic galaxy." The stars of the game, "Wacked-out gang members" Pixie, Madboy and dog Rex will share the magical Kore Suit, which enhances the wearer's abilities like a strength multiplier. The suit will morph according to the personality of the wearer, and Swedish developer UDS (whose biggest success seems to have been Ignition on the PC) will use this to build interesting new experiences out of the suit's capabilities, we're told.

The game is due out in late 2003.

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