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£30 off Cube for first 400,000 GBA SP owners

Can't use it on the Metroid Pak

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Nintendo of Europe is hoping to stimulate demand for the GameCube in Europe by offering £30 (50 Euros) off the standard retail price of the console with the first 400,000 Game Boy Advance SP units on sale, which launches on March 28th across the continent.

Consumers hoping to use the voucher towards the upcoming Metroid/GameCube pak will be disappointed, as it will only be valid towards the standalone unit. However, the normally aggressive UK retailers will doubtlessly be offering their own value bundles in a bid to tempt consumers into buying the console.

Indeed, trade paper MCV reported this morning that Comet is now likely to join Dixons in dropping the format, with the retail chain possibly price matching the recently introduced Dixons offering of a console and free game for £99.

But as reported yesterday, Nintendo may well have enough aces up its sleeve to restore retail confidence, with both Metroid Prime and The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker considered killer applications for the GameCube.

Whether the momentum of retail disquiet has gone too far remains to be seen. If the consumer demand responds positively, then the attitude that the Cube is the new Dreamcast may reverse. But let's not forget; one thing Nintendo has that Sega didn't is deep pockets, and has it within its power to stop the rot.

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