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Devastation demo next week

Multi-player test

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Cyberpunk FPS Devastation will be previewed in multi-player demo form on March 20th (that's next Thursday), according to publisher NovaLogic and developer Digitalo. The MP demo will contain two maps (Emberacdero Depot and the Union Rail Yard, apparently), with plenty to do in Deathmatch, Streetwar and CTF modes. Digitalo is hoping to entice players with its beautiful OFX Particles and real-world physics engines.

The full game is due out on April 17th in Europe apparently (although we'd wager they mean April 18th, the Friday), and will have a total of 14 multi-player maps. It'll also have 22 single-player levels to conquer as part of the narrative, as well as a level editor and toolset.

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