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Gold Hawk Down

Delta Force title goes gold

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Delta Force - Black Hawk Down has reached the end of its long and winding path through development, and will emerge as planned on March 28th. NovaLogic has confirmed the game is gold, and we should be getting our hands on finished code in the near future.

Set in Somalia in 1993, BHD is based on the events of Operation Restore Hope and Task Force Ranger, following Delta Force, Rangers and 10th Mountain Division in raids against Somalian warlords in the capital Mogadishu. Players will find that BHD blends traditional snipey, open plan Delta Force gameplay with heavy event scripting and more built-up environments. We were quite impressed with a near-finished version of the game tech last month, and the game's producer, Wes Eckhart, has spoken to us about it at length.

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