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Splintered Cube and GBA Cells unite

Shanghaied into action

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Ubi Soft has shed some more light on the GameCube and GBA versions of Splinter Cell this afternoon. Confirming that the duo will link up, Ubi Soft also announced that the Shanghai studio responsible for the PS2 version is behind the GameCube version, and that both will be released on June 5th in Europe (May 6th in the US).

Firstly then; the GBA to GC connectivity. When playing the Cube version, the GBA will function as a remote extension for Sam's OPSAT (acting as a radar-like mini-map, we're told) and providing remote control of computers and weapons, including the wall mine. Connected systems will also be able to take advantage of a Cube-exclusive weapon, the sticky bomb, and finishing SC on the Cube will also unlock five exclusive levels on the GBA version.

Speaking out for the first time about the GBA version, Ubi confirmed that despite two dimensions, there will be "an innovative depth management system," allowing players to take advantage of the shadows for similar "tension-filled excitement". Also, "unique to the GBA version are new moments in the gameplay that require Sam to go head-to-head against key characters". Exciting.

Clearly the most interesting news though is Ubi's Shanghai studio's involvement. They are the team behind the PS2 version, which we commended for coming surprisingly close to its Xbox forefather. If they can do a similar job on the Cube, and the link-up functions make a big difference, Splinter Cell on GameCube may become the version to own...

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