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Has Nintendo slipped F-Zero and Wario?

It'd be just what the GameCube needs!

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"The real question is, as we start '03, what are we going to do differently?" according to Nintendo of America's marketing veepee George Harrison. Well, the real answer certainly isn't delaying key titles, but according to IGN, Nintendo is slipping two of its biggest in order to spread out its release schedule.

The report comes by way of Nintendo's official website, which we are told yesterday confirmed the slippage of F-Zero GC from June 23rd to August 25th and Wario World from May 26th to June 23rd. And these are just American dates - if true, can you imagine how long we will be waiting for them?

We say 'if', because at the time of writing, neither this official entry for F-Zero nor this one for Wario World say anything of the sort. The so-called master games list concurs, and Nintendo's European presence, despite a relaunch, still hasn't heard of F-Zero GC and still claims Wario World is due out in June 2003.

We're not saying that IGN is full of crap, nor that Nintendo has cunningly undone the changes, but it's certainly confusing, isn't it?

So the real question is, for us, why does the Nintendo website now not carry the dates professed to be there by our American counterparts?

Source: IGN

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