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PS2 online broadband-only in Europe

Probably for the best

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Despite finally getting around to telling us about its online plans today, Sony spectacularly failed to mention in its press release that not only will its online gaming trial be broadband-only, but that the rest of the service will be broadband-only too, unlike its US offering where a narrowband service is supported too.

Sony Computer Entertainment UK's David Wilson confirmed the move: "In Europe the service will be broadband only. The American arm took a different route, we know, but in Europe the service will be a broadband service."

We realise this may annoy the many of you who are unable to get broadband services in your area even if you wanted to, but as any online PC gamer will testify, narrowband and lag-free gaming are not things that you readily associate with one another. We're guessing this is a case of Sony Europe learning from the experiences from across the Atlantic.

If you're one of our US readers and you're playing PS2 online over a narrowband connection, why not tell us about your experiences by posting a comment?

Source: Spong

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