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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Who won Battle Engine Aquila?

Click the bloody link and we'll tell you

Friday, February 28th. It was a cold day. Not as rainy and mucky as this one, mind, but pretty chilly and not altogether enjoyable for those of us who had to trudge to the video shop to return the rather lamentable Four Rooms. However, it was the day that we asked you who it was that developed mechtacular action title Battle Engine Aquila - a question so easy, the answer so resoundingly obvious, that we didn't even really need to throw in erroneous, barely amusing options like "Lost Boys and Golden Girls" - which four of you went for. Lost Toys! They made it! And the rest of you realised this and went into the draw. But as you know, there can only be three winners, and the names [oh just bloody say it already - Ed]

Frank Knight, Chris Dance and… Nicholas Witcomb. Congratulations folks! We'll be in touch shortly, or if you'd prefer to jump the gun you can send your details direct to me, and I will endeavour to get your prizes sent out.