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Blizzard issues World of WarCraft movie


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Image credit: Eurogamer

Blizzard has released a 23.6MB DivX movie of World of WarCraft, the developer's rather good-looking MMORPG based in the land of Azeroth. The three-minute movie is a non-stop procession of the game's chunky, yet gloriously detailed world visuals, with all manner of battles and other events going on, a huge variety of different environments - from quaint RPG-style towns (with obligatory taverns) to the fiery bowels of the earth - and it's all accompanied by a Lord of the Rings reject soundtrack which conveys much the same spirit. Are we excited? Yes! WOW!

The movie seems to be in heavy demand at the moment, so many of the mirrors (including Blizzard's official one) are groaning, but we had no trouble getting it from Voodoofiles. A complete list of mirrors is available on the World of WarCraft website, including plenty for Mac users too.

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