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Ex-GOD and Ritual folk form Skylab

A new developer in Austin

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Fans of US-made PC action titles will be pleased to hear that they have a new developer to keep tabs on. Skylab Entertainment (sounds interminable) has been formed by chaps from the original teams at Ritual and GOD Games, and says it is dedicated to developing "the next generation of interactive entertainment for tomorrow's gaming systems," with one title already underway.

Famous faces behind Skylab include former Ritual founder Michael Hadwin (CEO and Creative Director), whose credits include the legendary first Quake mission pack (Scourge of Armagon! Bow your flipping heads!), underrated but buggy FPS SiN and the equally underrated Heavy Metal: FAKK2. Prior to Ritual, Hadwin had worked at 3D Realms on Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior. Also at Skylab is Rick Stults, co-founder of GOD Games, who left after the acquisition by the then Take 2 Interactive in 2000. Stults will serve Skylab as President and General Manager of the Austin, Texas-based studio.

No real information is available on their first game, with Hadwin merely commenting that Skylab is "combining strong characters and immense game worlds with cutting edge technologies for entirely new styles of gameplay". If there's as much pedigree behind the grunts as there is behind the management though, we'll definitely be looking forward to Skylab's first game.

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