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Sony names Amplitude musicians

Higher Frequency than ever

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Sony has confirmed the various bands and artists that will provide audio and video content for Amplitude, the recently announced follow-up to office rhythm-action fave Frequency. A total of 14 groups and individuals have been named, and Sony hopes that the huge variety of styles and genres will help endear Amplitude to a wider audience.

The full list goes like this (track info in brackets where known): Baldwin Brothers (Urban Tumbleweed), Blink 182, David Bowie, Dieselboy, Freezepop, Garbage, Herbie Hancock (remix of Rockit), Logan 7, Manchild (Nitrogen Narcosis), Mekon, Papa Roach (as-yet unchosen track from album lovehatetragedy), Production Club (Rockstar), Quarashi and Weezer.

Sony is obviously "thrilled" to have deepened and broadened the selection of music in Amplitude, but we'd be concerned that they were spreading things too thin. It strikes us that with rhythm-action, you can either appeal to all of the people some of the time or some of the people all of the time, and we'd prefer it if they went for the latter… wouldn't you?

Amplitude is due out in the US on March 24th. Sony has yet to give it a European date.

Source: IGN

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