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MechWarrior goes to Hollywood

We wish...

Craply-named developer WizKids Media has today announced that Dean Devlin (ID4, Stargate, The Patriot, Eight Legged Freaks, etc) will produce a movie based on the MechWarrior series. Dean is clearly very excited about the project, commenting that "whether I write the script, help with the script or direct, I'm crazy about the material. This is a real passion project for me," he said.

There isn't much information on the film's plot at the moment, but MechWarrior creator Jordan Weisman says that it "will be a coming of age story. It's set 40 years after the 'Mech wars have ended, and introduces a group of young heroes in their early 20s who have grown up in peaceful and prosperous times."

The movie is the latest in a long line of proposed videogame to movie adaptations. Everybody seems to be at it, and we've a bit worried about this, so instead of encouraging it on this drizzly Tuesday morning, we'd like to know which game would you least like to see on the big screen? Rob says Duke Nukem, and you can sort of see why...

Source: GameSpot