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New release date for Cube Storm

Dynamically aiming for April

SCi has been bombarding us with news of Conflict: Desert Storm on the GameCube ever since it became glaringly obvious there would be a six-month wait between versions. Apparently fearful that the whole world might overlook the port, SCi's efforts today yield yet more PR bumf, highlighting changes "following the global success of PS2, Xbox and PC releases" and announcing a new April 18th release date. Perhaps they've been negotiating license rights for GW2 with Saddam?

So what makes this 'new' version special, you might well ask? We've got the usual suspects: "upgraded graphics," "higher frame rate," "dynamic aiming," "a new smooth-scrolling inventory," "a restart level feature," and "stepped up" AI. Dynamic aiming, if you were wondering, means that your character's stance and position will affect his aim.

However, there is some good news in the shape of a new two to four player split-screen multi-player mode, which even allows for four-player co-op. Now that's something… that Ghost Recon does in much the same way on Xbox Live, and then some.

Anyway, with the game due out on April 18th now we should be getting our hands on it soon. And since we rather liked it in the first place, we'll be sure to let you know what difference the changes make.