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SNK and Capcom portable fisticuffs

Match of the Millennium +3?

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Playmore, the owner of the rights to SNK's gaming properties, has confirmed that in addition to Metal Slug Advance and King of Fighters Advance, Japanese gamers can look forward to SNK Vs. Capcom Advance in "late 2003".

The ranks of Capcom and SNK are no stranger to one another these days (we're even reviewing another CvS title on another platform this week), but many will still have fond memories of the series' previous handheld outing on Neo Geo Pocket Color. Sadly SvC Advance has a long way to go before it's compared to its NGPC sibling, or before it makes it out of the Far East.

Meanwhile, Acclaim has announced that it will be publishing GBA titles King of Fighter EX: NeoBlood and its sequel Howling Blood in the US before the end of 2003. It's not clear if the firm will deal with the releases over here, which one would expect Sammy's distributor Bigben to mastermind.

Source: IGN

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