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No really, this is the Longest Journey

Sequel to Funcom’s award winning adventure in Final Fantasy naming conundrum

A sequel to Funcom's The Longest Journey is in the works, adventure game fans will be delighted to note, but they'll have to wait as apparently the concept was only approved earlier this week. If only other developers were so forthcoming with their news.

"Hundreds of thousands of players worldwide have wondered when the next chapter in The Longest Journey would come out." Said Funcom CEO Trond Aas. "For years, both gaming media and fans have requested this sequel, and we recognize that they deserve to get the next chapter of the saga."

"Key members" of the award winning original are said to be "hard at work" with the sequel, not likely to be called The Longest Longest Journey. Our bets are firmly hedged on the ground breaking title of The Longest Journey 2: Even Longer.

To complete Funcom's news barf, it also announced it has been working on a new Persistent Online World for the past nine months, with an "impressive looking demo" already up and running. "With the invaluable experiences gained from Anarchy Online we are in a better position than ever to create a brand new and fantastic Persistent Online World" said Aas.

Now if that isn't a plea to publishers to form an orderly queue outside Funcom's offices in Oslo, we don't know what is.