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Ubi to distribute Harvest Moon in Europe!

Hoes at the ready!

Ubi Soft has penned an agreement with Natsume, Inc. to distribute Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life on GameCube and Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town on GBA in all PAL territories. Both versions are expected to ship in October 2003, and we're sure plenty of you will be very pleased to hear it.

As the obscure game-loving fraternity around here will gladly inform you, Harvest Moon is a farming sim, "but no ordinary farming sim" as the press release puts it. Your stint on the farm spans an entire lifetime, and apart from reaping and sowing the fields, you'll be busy trying to woo one of the lucky ladies of the town, with whom you hope to raise a family.

On the GameCube, Harvest Moon "includes over 40 brand new characters" as well as "improved systems for raising animals and growing vegetables". Improved since the N64 version, for those wondering. The GBA version, meanwhile, will take place in Mineral Town and is based on the world and characters of Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, with similar goals to the Cube version.

As you might expect, the Cube and GBA versions can link up to connect the two towns featured in the games, and this will also enable villagers to travel between the two triggering events and "many surprises". Calm down at the back.

"With the strength and dedication of Ubi Soft's powerful sales force we feel that the Harvest Moon franchise will become a household name in all PAL territories," says Natsume president and CEO Hiro Maekawa. "Once again we are truly excited to be working with such a reputable and industry leading company as Ubi Soft!"

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