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TOCA Race Driver demo escapes

Two cars, two tracks

A PC demo of TOCA Race Driver has squirmed its way out and onto the Internet having first appeared on a PC Format coverdisk by the sound of it. 3D Gamers has the 92.2MB playable demo, which we're not too sure the Codies will be thrilled to see mentioned here, but with the demo in the public domain and probably already installed on a number of your PCs, we can't see any great problem with spreading the news. The demo, which claims to be 80 per cent final, gives you a Proton Satria GTi for use on the Monza track, and a Lexus LS200 so you can bomb round the Brands Hatch Indy circuit. The full game is due out in Europe on the PC this March.

Update: Hoorah. Apparently they don't mind so much, so here's a download link courtesy of those lovely Codemasters.

Source: Blue's News