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The Hobbit takes multi-platform route

Good one, you pesky ring-carrying varmint!

Tolkien grotto Yanta Eanna has some interesting news about the Cube-exclusive Hobbit game being developed by Inevitable Entertainment (whose name is surely on EA's list of acquisitions). The news being, surprisingly, that it is no longer a Cube exclusive, with PS2 and Xbox versions also due out of Inevitable. Although French publisher Vivendi failed to address the subject at its Berlin Games Faire (to which Eurogamer was not invited), it did confirm that Amaze Entertainment's KnowWonder studio will be responsible for the PC version, having already worked on the PC release of Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone for EA. Meanwhile, the GBA version, which is a totally different game (obviously) will be handled by Saffire. Got that?

Source: Yanta Eanna