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Konami unveils new logo

Maintains "the fundamentals of creativity and innovation and portraying confidence and surprise"

Konami has unveiled a brand new logo, as you can no doubt see for yourselves. That in itself isn't much of a story though, so Konami has also sent through a rather hilarious document detailing how and why they came up with it, what it embodies and when it'll take hold.

So, in order: Why and how? "Konami Corporation will renew its group brand logo design to mark its 30th anniversary on March 19th, 2003. The new brand logo was chosen as Konami's internal and external brand identity to symbolise the expansion of Konami Group's business field and its scheduled shift to becoming a holding company."

What? "The new logo expresses Konami Group's business expansion while maintaining the fundamentals of creativity and innovation and portraying confidence and surprise. This word mark also expresses the mindset of continually moving forward to the next stage while sharing the same value with its customers. Red (hereafter to be called "Konami Red") is used to show stability and strong appeal to Konami's "Creativity" and "Innovation"."

When? "The new logo will take effect worldwide from April 1st, 2003."

So, there you have it, a new Konami to celebrate 30 years in the business.

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