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Söldner goes for fresh angle

It's a first

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Third person tactical warfare adventure Söldner has been given what publisher JoWooD believes is a much needed first person viewpoint. Developer Wings Simulations made the change due to public demand, the press release beams, because "the huge online community that has followed each stage of Söldner: Secret Wars development expressed a desire for a first person view".

"We have listened intently to the opinions of gamers who have posted their comments on the forum and have implemented this key gameplay feature as a direct result. By reacting to the comments of gamers, we aim to make a game that the online community will have a huge desire to want to play," Wings MD Teut Weidemann said in a statement.

JoWooD has even released screenshots showing off the differences between the two modes. The game is due out in "Q3 2003".

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