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Castlevania returns

PS2 says fangs

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The Belmonts are on their way to PS2, according to a press release which shot out of Konami US sometime after we dozed off last night. Castlevania will appear on PS2 during E3, between May 14th and 16th, and should be out in the land where the UN is irrelevant by 'the fall'.

Konami also tells us that game producer Koji Igarashi and his Symphony of the Night team will be working on this one, fresh from finishing Aria of Sorrow for the GBA, which is due out on May 6th in the US.

This announcement spread a ripple of excitement over the Eurogamer office, (which has been somewhat quiet since we realised that the website was broken), mainly because Symphony of the Night was "one of the most stylish 2D games ever created" according to Rob and something inaudibly brilliant according to various other giddy workers. We're excited. Roll on E3!

Update: Konami of Europe has told us this afternoon that Castlevania is due out in Q3 2003 over here. No surprises there then.

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