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Single-player action RPG from new boys DreamCatcher

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Image credit: Eurogamer

In an era when publishers are going to the wall faster than Nationwide League football clubs, it's quite a novelty to hear from a new one. Let's welcome DreamCatcher to the party. It has a single player Sci-Fi Action RPG coming out on the PC called Harbinger and it wants to tell you all about it.

Choose from three character types, battle "unique" enemies "never before seen in any medium" (nope, not even dwarf porn), discover "powerful new weapons and alien technologies" as well as uncovering "dark secrets" of the "lumbering war machine" that is Harbinger.

As a member of a small raider community, the steel corridors are all you've known, and you've enemies on all sides. Death is, apparently, "a misstep behind", and you live by "unspoken laws", with the bloodhungry "never far behind". The Vantir, Scintilla, and Cimicidae all live uncomfortably side by side. Apparently "the choices you make now will affect everything from here on". It's all very mysterious, but this and a bunch of screenshots are all we've got to go on for now…

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