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Acclaim spikes Volleyball genre

And they aren't doing an XXX so don't worry

Acclaim Studios Cheltenham is currently busy at work on Beach Volleyball (working title, presumably), due out in August, which "delivers the hottest, most intense arcade-action volleyball game on PS2".

It isn't too surprising really. Everyone does a volleyball game these days, and Acclaim must be disgusted at how well the unassailably diabolical DOAX is doing in the US and Japan. Surely it's nothing more than a lewd example of porn-oriented polygons with a feeble, antiquated game shoved in, just like BMX XXX was!?

We're not going to slag off Tecmo's DOAX too much here, because we've made that point already (and will be reiterating it closer to the game's release date), but if Acclaim is going down the same route (with so called "jizz over gameplay") then they have some way to go to top Microsoft's marketing efforts. Did we mention those wipe-clean glossy DOAX calendars we got sent before Christmas?

Mercifully, Acclaim's effort seems to be greatly different to DOAX. It even seems to have gameplay. The game tracks player stats and has the obligatory tenets of multiple "characters" each with specific skills, full customisation, TV-style presentation (hopefully not the insane camerawork of DOAX - a less hyperactive version of Beach Spikers' camera would suit us) and many sun-drenched locations. Apart from the basic volleying back and forth though, players will also have to master a "super spike" system which allows them to earn special moves, speed-ups and other secrets. NBA Jam for volleyball, folks? That doesn't sound too bad, actually.

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