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Wild Arms 3, Dead to Rights and IGI2: Covert Strike form the backbone of a strong week

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Blimey, three whole recommended games this week. One sincerely recommended, one partly recommended and one recommended for fans of traditional Japanese RPGs - like Rob, who's ploughing through Wild Arms 3 apace and aims to bring you a review next week.

Indeed, it's a fairly decent week for games, with most genres accounted for. Platform fans on GameCube get the jump on their PS2, Xbox and PC owning counterparts with a Rayman 3 "limited exclusive" if you like. Unfortunately Ubi Soft only managed to get review code to Eurogamer today for that, but we'll let you know what we think soon - review scores abroad seem to be resoundingly positive.

We even have the much loved/hated extreme sports genre sticking its head up. Hello Evolution Skateboarding. However, even liberal minded reviewers oversees slated this one uniformly on its release - 3s and 4s, people. If you must have a bit of hi-octane buzz, there's a NASCAR game out this week. Then again, are you that desperate?

And a footnote this week for the long overdue Action Replay for GameCube, shipping with FreeLoader (or at least this week's version, eh?). Those of you who find yourself falling at the first hurdle in some of the Cube's more challenging games could do worse than to seek out AR and see what difference it makes. CEX and other independents should be selling it - if not, there are plentyofotheroptions.

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