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Torus unveils Moto-X

3D motocross title uses proprietary voxel engine

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The name 'Torus' may not mean much to you, but if you've played Doom II or Duke Nukem Advance on the GBA then you've already come across their work. And since completing those games amongst others, Melbourne-based Aussies Torus Games have been working on a brand new 3D voxel-based engine with support for large environments full of rolling hills, sloping roads, cliffs and greenery.

The first game to take advantage is Moto-X, a cunningly named motocross racing title, incorporating lots of tricks, checkpoint racing and free roaming terrain. Snow, mud, dirt, rocks and lush, verdant hills flash below the wheels of bikers, as you can see from these early screenshots, and the game uses your basic win/money/progress system, with a multi-player mode for four-player link-up.

However, despite looking and sounding pretty good (and running at a very decent 20 frames per second for all its 3D gubbins), Moto-X is still without a publisher. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the developer here.

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