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Oddworld munches sequel

Another Xbox adventure for Lorne Lanning

Oddworld: Munch's "it can only be done on Xbox!" Oddysee was an under appreciated platformer in our view, so we were happy to read from multiple sources this week that the next title in the series is underway at developer Oddworld Inhabitants.

"The new game will blow away anything that came before it," programmer Mark Lee enthuses on the developer's forum. "It's still full of the quirky OW sense of humour but at the same time a bit of a departure story-wise from previous games. We have a killer team working on this game and it's coming together pretty fast. I am working on the animation/rendering systems at the moment - the characters in the next game will look a lot more alive."

We can probably expect a formal announcement off the next Oddworld at E3 in May.