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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Free, one-use GBA games in Japan

Download, then disappear

Nintendo is moving to incorporate support for the GBA into several new GameCube titles, in order to send new users in both directions. The first title to show signs of this is Nintendo Puzzle Collection, which is on display at demo kiosks all over Japan. The nifty part though is the ability for gamers to download one-use copies of games like Dr. Mario from the kiosks to their GBAs. The software disappears when the GBA is powered down, but the campaign has already started to attract gamers. It sounds like a fantastic idea to us. Imagine popping into the lounge to load up Dr. Mario before hopping on the train to work, or just freeloading off some unfortunate shopkeeper down the road... XenGamers has pictures of the system in action at an Ito Yokado store in Tokyo.

Source: XenGamers